Dhandho Funds, LLC (Irvine, CA) needs a Vice President, Quantitative Analysis:

Construct and analyze large volumes of financial and quantitative data from Bloomberg, Capital IQ, and Compustat. Design algorithms and quantitative codes to perform automated back-tests of various asset allocation strategies and analyze the results. Research and analyze companies for investment opportunities. Produce a detailed report based on the analysis. Design models to predict future 5-year returns. Meeting with the management of companies to conduct deep company and industry research and investment analysis. Use Salesforce software to collect, update and analyze investors data. Use Quicken software to analyze the tax situation of the holdings of the company and make trade (buy and sell) decisions based on the analysis. Maintain the website of the company and make necessary changes when required. Prepare and update presentations of the company to be shared with prospective investors. Responsible to send instructions to the trades of the company based on the internal trading algorithms. Produce periodic reports on the performance of the funds and various asset allocation strategies. Requires a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering or related field. Must also have 12 months experience as a Quantitative Analyst or related. Requires Certificate of Completion: Mathematics, Statistics & Probability, Certificate of Completion: Programming in “C”, Certificate of Completion: Object Oriented Programming Using “C++”. Mail resume to Attn: HR Dept. 1220 Roosevelt, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92620.